Contest Announcement

Are you tired of being a n00b? Are you constantly trolled on Facebook, or IRC? Do you often delete entire directories on your hard drive, just by trying to use a command under Linux? Does your grandma give YOU computer support? Do you spend hours each day, longing to be 1337? THEN IT’S TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE! DEF CON can help take you from zero to hero, in just a few hours a day! Prepare to be humiliated challenged, and demonstrate your skillz. Be ON STAGE at DEF CON!

If you’re tired of real hackers kicking virtual sand in your face, then we’re here to help you turn your lame into game. At the end of this contest, you could be the lucky hacker to sit in the “Throne of Leetness(tm)”, and don the “Crown of Shiny Bits(tm)”.

You could be one of the lucky people chosen to participate in this challenging contest. For three days our bits will test their hacker & maker skills, trying desperately to avoid elimination. Challenges could include any number of ridiculous hacker or maker related tasks. Our judges will select the top 16 audition videos to participate. Starting Thursday night, right after DC101, our contestants will compete, with half being eliminated, reducing our count by 1 bit.

Compete and win this contest! Gain all associated bragging rights! Wear the stylish Crown of Shiny Bits(tm), while you sit you newly 1337 hacker arse on the Throne of Leetness(tm)! You will never be questioned again.

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Contest Rules


Submit your audition video, 1-2 minutes in length, to, and include the search term dc8bits. You can put whatever you like in the video, as long as you think it will convince the judges to select you for this epic competition. It won’t hurt to let us know in a tweet that you’ve submitted an audition, either.


The deadline for submissions is July 5th, with contestants being announced on July 12th. And keep your browser pointed at and your Twitter feed tuned into @dc8bits, for updates and news.


This document will live at Check the site for important updates, or changes.

Download the full announcement and current rules from HERE.

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Who we are

From some of the minds that helped bring you the Mystery Box Challenge, the Goon Band, the DEF CON badges, the DEF CON Documentary, the Hardware Hacking Village, and more, comes….


The Most Significant Bit


Our goal with this contest was to create an elimination style contest that occurs in two parts. We’ll start with 16 contestants (bits) on Thursday evening, when we’ll hold our first elimination round. Only 8 of those on stage will continue on to Friday. There will be day time challenges that might take up to 2 hours, and will provide some “advantage” for the winner for later that evening.  The larger stage challenges will be held each evening, and only half the contestants will be lucky enough to move on to the next day.

The challenges themselves might be technical, goofy, hacker related, maker related, or any combination. So bring your freakside, and submit an audition!

This contest is being put together and managed by lost, anch, and russr

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